Meet the always beautiful, Zoey Bryant

This gal has truly reshaped my viewing of this world, in ways that I could never describe to her in a simple sense. She broadens many views of what life should look like. She brings revelation to others although she sometimes doubts what she softly speaks. Wisdom consistently flows from her gentle lips, a wisdom that no other could quite take in unless they speak with her alone. She has the spirit of a lamb but can become as fierce as a lion; her meekness brings peace to my soul as well as many others. She takes the phrase, “simply love” and puts it to the test in a way I have not met any other to do yet. Her life is lived by loving and brings upon a beautiful example of Christ to all those who can’t quite fathom who He is.
He is love.
He is love.
He is love.
There is not much to comprehend rather than the fact that He loves, and you hold this captive deep within your soul, my darling. You hold something deep within you in a barred cage that the world needs to see. You hold the love of a thousand doves floating away into a meadow within the divine heavens above. You are love just as he is love, and He is right beside you and inside you, my darling.


Zoey is a kind, gentle, and oh so sweet soul. The flowers smile at her as she sits on the ground beside them. She has a heart that is being hidden within the trees by her divine Father. She is held safely in the arms of our Abba and He will never let her go. He has created her to adventure off into the wilderness, to explore all of His lovely creation that He has made for her enjoyment. They are love.


{a few facts of my darling friend}

She has such a passion for coffee ministry and dreams of starting her own cafe based on loving others and building darling relationships, she loves spiders;; what a unique spirit she has and it makes me simply want to embrace her more and more, she is from a great plain just as I: Ohio, she has the most beautiful laugh I have yet to hear: and that’s in all honesty. her laugh completely captivates me as I’m sure it does for others, she can love from great distances as she is her boyfriend who is back home right now and that takes great courage, and of course;;


(she is courageous.)


Meet Sasha Chandler;;

Sasha is a dancer for the sweet and divine Man that inhabits within her sweet and gentle soul. She feels things deeper than the dark blue seas and can identify quickly the struggles of those she meets. She longs for intimacy with her Abba above and pursues Him in a way that differs from all the others. She looks ahead of herself and sees great complication but smiles and feels such peace because she knows that there is only light ahead, even within the darkness. She is as gentle as the smooth wind that sweeps her off her feet as she dances in a field of marigolds and wheat. The moment others lay eyes on her, they feel the gentleness of her soul and are brought to a moment of peace that engulfs their inner most being. She smiles, she laughs at just about anything she sees beauty in— anything that the sweet Lord has created for her enjoyment. She jokes about weeds and captures the essence of what it means to have the joy of a child and she comes to the Lord in this way. Smiling and laughing at His throne, as He feels so much joy at who His beautiful daughter has become: a servant, a dancer, and a lover for the powerful and almighty Lord and only for Him.


Sasha has the true heart of God and she learns everyday what it means in new ways. She is a defender of the weak and a teacher of the broken. She fights for truth and sets fire to all that is not truth. She has a fire within her heart, shining so brightly even when she feels weaker than she has quite before. She sits and dwells in His presence and will always find him. She is lovely. She is darling. She is Sasha.

This woman is absolutely beautiful and I don’t think it’s quite possible for her to take a bad photo, photographing her was so lovely. Sasha just finished a School of Intercessory Prayer at YWAM Herrnhut, which is how I have gotten the chance to meet her. Now she is on her way back to her homeland: America. But it was not goodbye for us after all, I will see her very soon as she will be coming back to YWAM Herrnhut to staff a DTS for dance. She has such a heart for others and is an incredible woman of the Lord. If you’d like to support her, let me know : )


Meet Jess Alexander

Jess is a woman of photography, intercessory prayer, divine love, and missions in Europe. Jess is a vegan banana bread baker (even though she isn’t vegan it’s just because she loves me) and she is one who accepts and thrives on all cultures where God places her. Jess is a traveller; she will travel many places in her life and step barefoot on many forms of dirt that we long to smell. She is the most approachable and loving gal I have yet to meet. The moment people lay eyes on her, they feel at ease in their spirit and feel as if they could pour their deepest secrets to her. Jessica is a woman of delicacy, she is fragile yet oh so strong. She is as beautiful at the wind flowing fields of oats and flowers. She is gentle and delicate in a way that she can become vulnerable in all the ways that God has spoken her to be. As God was sitting at his little workshop where He makes all those surrounding us, which I imagine to be a darkened drift wood table in the depths of the ocean surrounded by a glass bubble that protects Him and His angels from the powerful flowing masses of water. As he was sitting down making Jessica Alexander’s spirit, he made her the brightest of all, He made her bright and flowing. He made her to be a carrier of good news to all the nations on this earth. He made her delicate and vulnerable to reach all those of various tribes who need those who will pour out their spirit and difficulties to them. He made her the most approachable in all the lands, therefore once she has poured out all of herself onto the ground where she travels, others are attracted to her in a way that they can pour out their stories in the same way, in all cultures.

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Jess has been called to all the nations to preach the good news, not just one specifically– but she needs our help getting there. If you feel called to give to her beautiful and gracious calling, please email me at:


as many of you know, the sweet and gentle spirit of our single most lovely lord speaks to me through the wind and the trees that gather around me.

The pine cones lie on my path as I walk home through the forest. I look down at the ground that lies before me and see many tiny pinecones that are not yet shattered although many walk to and fro day after day. They lie on the ground, waiting for one to pick them up and carry them to the light. They wait for one to smell the sweet aroma of their presence, and to gaze at the beauty that God made them as. So I pick up three pine cones, representing the sweet God that I love so dearly. One for the Son, one for the Father, and one for the Holy Spirit because I know that they love nature just as much as I. I glance at God’s beautiful creation and I ponder how they survive in a dark area, I ponder how they survive although they are much smaller than all other pine cones I have gazed at.

I hear the Lord call my name, He says, “Hannah, don’t you know that throughout the darkest of nights—I am with you. Although you walk through the shadow of death, I am with you. I make you strong, just as these small pinecones. Although many will walk on you and try to shatter your faith, I make you strong, I make you brave, just as these pinecones that lie in the middle of the path. You are light, you make your own light because you have me. Although you walk through darkness, it is still light because you have me.”

I then stumble through the woods, into the light. I stumble upon much larger pinecones that have grown to be large and ever growing. I hear the Lord say, “live in the light, live within me. Because when you live with me, you are made strong and large even when you feel small. When you walk through the darkest of nights, I am still with you and you are still living in the light with me.”

Psalm 139: 11-12: “If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for the darkness is as light to you.”

{Adventure in Czech Republic}

I met an angel.

Blessings have been poured upon me since arriving in Europe. If I saw this any other way, I would be fooling myself. It was a blessing that I was lost in Europe, it was a blessing that I missed my ride to the YWAM base, and it was a blessing that nobody spoke English in Czech Republic. From there, I shall tell my story.

I decided to fly into Prague, Czech Republic– the most beautiful city in Europe so I’ve been told. After 18 hours of traveling, I had another 6 hours of traveling ahead of me to get to the YWAM Herrnhut base which lies on the border of Czech Republic in Germany. I took the bus from the airport to the metro where my 90 minute transportation ticket for my large luggage would not be taken by the machine. Once I had arrived at the metro, I had to take it to yet another metro and then to a bus stop that would take me to Varnsdorf– a city on the border of Germany. After carrying my 80 pound luggage up flights of stairs and for yards throughout the metro station, I had arrived at the bus stop when my phone had died. I was at a bus stop in Czech Republic, waiting for a bus that would take me two and a half hours to the border of Germany where I would not have a ride to the YWAM base because I had told them to pick me up at an incorrect time. After two hours on the bus, I had come to the realization that I had missed my bus stop at Varnsdorf. I was lost in the middle of Europe, where nobody spoke the foreign language of English, with a phone which was dead, therefore I prayed for a miracle.

There was a young man who sat behind me on the bus who helped me place my 80 pound luggage into the bus who also knew English. Frantically, I said, “Did I miss the Varnsdorf exit?”, as he was exiting the bus. He proceeded to say that he would help me find where I needed to be. He told me that he had just gotten home from University in Prague and he spoke English perfectly. He asked me what I was doing in Czech Republic and where I needed to be. I explained to him that I was a missionary trying to get to the small village of Herrnhut. He proceeded to call a taxi, gave me encouragement, and showed me such kindness and love that I had not experienced anywhere in the world that I had been. He treated me such as family, he treated me unlike anyone ever had in America. I entirely believe that he was an angel sent to me by the Almighty God. If I would not have been lost, I would have never encountered something so beautiful. I am so thankful for my experience through Europe, after all– I got a phenomenal testimony of God’s goodness. Therefore, I will leave you with a scripture of God’s perfectness.

“Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!” -Hebrews 13:2



Nature. This is how I connect with God on a level deeper than the ocean’s trenches. He created the earth for us to be inspired, to reign, to love, and to see through His eyes in a new light. God reveals many beautiful creations on this Earth to me daily, facts that make it impossible for one to doubt that there is not a divine One who created this earth. I want to share with you a couple of the divine works that this divine Man has done when He made this Earth. It’s not just the beauty within the nature, there are so many things that the Beautiful One has done specifically for us because He cares about us more than we can comprehend.


We have come to the conclusion that our skin burns significantly worse when we are living/visiting a tropical climate. It is not just by shear chance that the Aloe plant grows in the areas that our pale skin will burn and blister. God placed the Aloe plant in the tropical climate because He knew that we would burn in the sun, so He gave us a healing plant that would help us and entirely heal us within 24 hours, even with 3rd degree burns (I know from experience).


A few of us have grazed through poison ivy a couple times in our lives, but not many of us have actually broken out in a rash from poison ivy. Why? Poison Ivy would cause a much worse reaction if Jewelweed did not partner with it in its growth. Next to poison ivy grows a plant called jewelweed, which is a plant that prevents us from being confronted with itchy rashes from poison ivy. Our great God placed this plant right next to the deathly plant, right in front of our eyes, to counteract and heal it. Our God is so splendid, the Almighty Creator and Loving Father.


I am blessed to say that my Father is a much greater artist than I will ever be.

Rejoice because He has created this Earth for us to live and enjoy daily activities, He doesn’t want us to die but to live and declare His goodness!


“Take me into Your throne room, let me see Your beauty. Let me see Your face.”


I remember it was one of those average nights when we would meet in the tent and worship Jesus together in Kona. We would sing out words, words that would be placed into our minds by the most divine of hands. Placed and formed into a song, we would sing these words that were not written by anyone other than the one true King. And we sang this song, “Jesus, You’re the most excellent. You’re so beautiful, there is no one like You.” The rain started to trickle down onto the worship tent but we were not getting damp. Soon enough, it started to pour down so I ran outside and let the wind rush in my hair and the rain fall on my pale white skin. I worshipped Him unlike ever before, I fell before His throne and loved more and sang louder than I ever have. I knew that to get to this point, I had to get my feet wet. We have to jump out into the rain and forget about what we will look like when our hair gets wet. We have to jump out and worship Him, not worrying about what others think of us. We have to surrender every ounce of ourselves to find Him in the midst of the pouring rain.


So as the rain fell today as I was working, I was in complete awe of my Beloved to the point that I couldn’t speak. Jesus makes water fall from the sky, how does that even seem fathomable? Yet we take it as normal. Just think of having to sit in an airplane and pour water out in such a way that it creates tiny droplets. It’s absolutely impossible for us in our finite human minds. It would be impossible for us to perform such a miracle as this but it is entirely possible through Jesus. The simple natural effect of rain trumps anything that I could do alone. Rain is a miracle. It reminds me that God is performing miracles in my life day in and day out.


“God, we pray for rain to fall from this sky onto this dry land. It is impossible in our minds since we are in the midst of dry season but everything is possible for You.” We prayed this when it crossed our minds daily for 2 weeks in the village of Kampong Speu, Cambodia. The night before we were to leave the village and go back to Phnom Penh, God made is rain as we were praising Him while we were having a bon fire. It rained all night long. We praise Him even when prayers aren’t answered because we know that He will answer our prayers.


Through Jesus, it rains and that’s a miracle.